שירותי מחשוב

שירותי מחשוב

In the age of high technology company cannot work without IT infrastructure. Even if your firm is small, you need at least a few computers in the office. Of course, you need much more for productive working.

But often there is no strength or time to deal with these issues. To whom you entrust the solution of the problem?

Contact us!

NetON company offers a wide range of IT services for its clients. We perform:

  • implementation and configuration of various cloud services;
  • design and installation of computer networks;
  • installation and maintenance of any servers types;
  • software installation and configuration;
  • the creation and support of virtual environments;
  • repair of computer equipment;
  • configuring a backup with an optimal solution for your system;
  • installation and configuration of video surveillance systems.

Why should you trust us

Small businesses from all over Israel are using services of our company. You can find the list of our clients on the website. These companies are from different industries. For each client we picked up a set of technical and software tools that simplify his work.

At the end, the managers and staff were able to concentrate on their typical tasks and to accomplish the greatest results. We believe that any business must engage a specialist. If you do not have professionals in IT field, it is better to trust the computer equipment of your office to NetON team.

In a short time and for reasonable money we do the work like a firm’s IT-department. You save working capital and get a full replacement of the IT-department without any efforts on its hiring and management.

The benefits are obvious, and you will appreciate results of our work after a couple of weeks of our mutual cooperation. For small business it is very important that the investment pays off quickly. Money, invested in the NetON services will bring you profit and return back.

Cooperation with us

NetON offers full support of the small businesses in the IT sector.

The goal is to create conditions for the customer when there is no need to look for an executor for each new task. If you once begin to cooperate with us, you will trust us to resolve any issues that relate to information and high technologies.

We will perform an audit of your IT infrastructure. According to its results, experts of NetON will offer the best solution for your stable and efficient working.

Contact us today. Rise up the productivity of your company and ensure it development with NetON!

קרא עוד

תקשורת מחשבים

Computers are ten times more useful if they are connected to networks.

מיקור חוץ

It is very difficult and expensive for a small company to create and maintain an own IT Department.


Any failure in the hardware and software is the serious problem that concerns not only the IT companies.

שרתים וירטואליים

It is very important for small business to manage the financial and other resources reasonably.

רשתות אלחוטיות

A stable Internet and a good connection’s speed in the office computers have become familiar things.

טכנאי מחשבים

Failures of computers, servers, or Wi-Fi access points can hinder the work and cause unexpected losses.

בניית אתרים

NetON creates websites for companies that just have started working on products or services market.

קידום אתרים

The best way to involve new partners and clients is to create and optimize a website for search engines.

שירותי מחשוב לענף התיירות

Hostels and motels are not the exceptions. One of the main focuses of NetON is IT service for tourism companies.

מכירת חומרה ותוכנה

Every company needs a set of software and a define range of computer equipment.

מצלמות אבטחה

The building of surveillance systems requires skills and experience, which usually don’t have even IT professionals.